Monday, August 20, 2012

We Biked 1000 Miles (To Fall Down at Your Door)

The picture below is David at our 1000th mile. Pretty exciting for Day 17, since it means we're a third done! Today, we're also celebrating being officially halfway done with our sponsorships, which means you guys have officially paid for half of the well repairs we're working towards, so thanks for that!

We are now 3 days into Michigan and camped just outside Clare. One of the pictures is what our planning process for the next few days looked like tonight. David had a momentous day, seeing his first foreign made car since entering Michigan as well as our first ever Curling Center.

As always, I have to make a food update. Michele, you'll be happy to hear we ate at our first ever Big Boy, and we loved it! It helps to be able to eat as many burgers and shakes as we want, too :)

The scenery has been mostly corn, but today we finally made it onto a forested trail. The people are incredibly nice and everyone is always asking about our trip. We're looking forward to a day off on Thursday and a ferry ride across Lake Michigan!

Our latest miles have been sponsored by my Uncle Jack and Aunt Linda in the Middle East, the Carver family (with Linda praying for us and Nathan as our standby dog sitter!) and Justin, Lacy, Laila, and Austin Jones, who we just found out are relocating to Oak Ridge (so sad they'll be gone before we return!) Anyway, thanks so much to all you lovely people!

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