Saturday, August 18, 2012

Two Loonies on a Toonie

Hooray Canada!
We're back in the U.S.! We found an awesome internet cafe so I'm typing on a real computer too! Anyway, since leaving Niagara Falls, we hung out in Ontario for 4 days, biking along Lake Erie. We really enjoyed the scenery, and even got to camp out on a beack with fresh water waves! It was incredible. Plus, we made blueberry pancakes on the beach and got sand EVERYWHERE, which is something I think everyone should do before they die. Unforutanetly, a wind and rain storm hovered over us that night from about 8pm-1:30am... during which time we actually feared being blown away and/or flooded into the lake. But we survived! And biked anouther 85 miles the next day (we had biked 100 miles that day).

Hopefully you don't mind the grit!
Canadians were really great people, who actually say "eh"... a lot. One local biked along with us for 20 miles or so, and told us all about where we were biking through. Another woman found a can of almonds in her car when we arrived in her middle-of-nowhere town looking for food and there was absolutely nothing. Oh, and the inkeeper who has biked all over Asia and Africa and told us about the free camping on the beach.Another woman simply taught me that $1 coins are called "loonies" and $2 coins are "toonies," which is invaluable because that is so awesome! Which also explains the title of this post. We thought "toonie" was a good nick name for our tandem, and we're kinda crazy, so "two loonies on a toonie!"

We've biked about 900 miles so far! Miles sponsored by my dad and step mom, Karl and Zelda Iams, brought us back into the U.S.

AND ALL OF YOU GUYS HAVE HELPED US RAISE ALMOST HALF THE MONEY TO REBUILD THE WELL IN NICARAGUA! That's pretty incredible, and we're stoked to be a part of it!

The sign read "Bus Parking Only"

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  1. Gald you are having fun! David looks like he is losing some of that belly fat - must be all those days of century rides! Have you broken down and bought some real rain pants yet? Take care and keep the rubber side down! Duane