Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Eating Well in Vermont!

We're taking a break in Middlebury, VT right now and enjoying a buffet of freshly picked blueberries, a baguette, and a wheel of local cheese. We enjoyed a basket of onion rings for lunch yesterday and having been LOVING the Vermont chocolate milk. Well, mostly we just love being able to eat whatever we want, when we want :) we finished things of with maple glazed chicken wings and fish and chips for dinner last night.

We had our eye on a you-pick blueberry farm this morning and we were about to pass it by because it was closed when the owner raced ahead of us in her car, flash the open sign at us, and said "you looked like you-pickers, so I tried to hurry!" Neither of us had ever you-picked before and it was so much fun! And now we have 3 lbs of fresh blueberries to snack on for a while ("Fruit: Nature's original fruit snack")

Anyway, 20 more miles today and we'll be in Ticonderoga, NY (pencils, anyone?) where we'll meet up with my Aunt Karen and Uncle Tom!

These first 175 miles have been brought to you by Joanne, John, Jacinta, Kathy, Ashley, and Anthony Lestone and my mom and step dad, Mark and Linda Selby! Thanks so much, you guys!

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  1. Wow! Glad you're on your way and having an awesome bike ride.