Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rest Day in Niagara Falls

We had our first rest day in Niagara Falls today and it was amazing! A day off our bikes and a chance to see one of nature's greatest wonders. As usual, we ate well, but we also took the ferry into the falls and caught an IMAX movie. The walking was good for our legs, but so was sitting in our hotel room watching reruns of the Big Bang Theory :)

We'll stay in Canada for another 4 days as we continue our trek west. David's phone is still out of commission too, so we'll be a little out of touch for a while.

We still owe thanks to a few people for sponsoring the miles that got us here! Our friends Katie and Tyson, Mike and Rita Brake (who are about to have a baby as I post this!), Carla and Scott Gustafson, and Ryan and Kim Caulfield. Thanks to all of you guys for getting us this far!

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