Monday, July 30, 2012

What to Wear on a Bike

Packing for a cross country bike trip can be tricky. There are so many factors to consider, including usefulness, wife-happiness, and most importantly, weight! Deziree had the idea to take pictures of the few outfits I plan on bringing, and how mixing and matching will allow what little weight we can afford to bring lots of possibilities.

Biking Day

Pearl Izumi shorts and shoes, cycling tank top, Giro Cycling Gloves, Smartwool Cycling Socks, and ExOfficio Bugsaway Bandana. This will be my go-to outfit most days. I plan on bringing 2 cycling tops, 2 cycling shorts, and 3 pairs of socks. I will wash one outift at night and let it dry while wearing the other one the next day.

Inclement Weather

Tricky weather days will require a few extra pieces. My Marmot Rain Jacket will do for both warmth and dryness. I also have a pair of FHS blue spandex from my days of track that I'll use in rain, wind, whatever. When we got rained on in Colorado, I found that I'm pretty sheltered behind David, and my bent-over position also keeps my legs mostly out of the rain.

Around Camp

I have a few handy options for what to wear when we're off the saddle. We hope to be into camp early afternoon each day to avoid the hotter hours, so that leaves quite a bit of time to hand out in non-spandex-based clothing. Here are a few ideas:
Smartwool Zip-Up for the cooler nights
My favorite wash-in-sink-and-wear dress!
Plus a killer scarf my friend, Kristin gave me :)
Lounging in a tank top and REI "Knickers"
Oh, and our favorite folding chairs!
Hiking Pants and
my Under Armour Shortsleeve V-Neck

And it all goes...

In my panier! Everything I plan on needing to wear (hopefully!) fits into this yellow bag that attaches to a rack on the rear of our bike. David also has one, with all the clothes he hopes to need.

See Deziree's take on the shoot here at her awesome photography blogAnd, if you're interested in any of the items listed here, check out the links. The commission we earn from anything you buy through these links goes directly to support our cause of rebuilding a well in Nicaragua!

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