Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Support Clean Water... Because Starbuck Says So!

Longmire in Los Alamos

Last week was incredible. The A&E show Longmire has been filming in New Mexico for a few months and last Wednesday they came to Los Alamos. They rented the parking lot at the church where I work, so for two days we got to watch as the 100+ person crew, trucks loaded with lights, props, and clothes, and even actors came and went while shooting scenes around our town.

When we found out they were coming, I did a quick google search and found out that Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff), would be coming to my church!

While researching Longmire (I immediately watched the first 3 episodes and loved it), I discovered that Katee recently released a documentary of herself and Tricia Helfer riding their motorcycles across the country to raise awareness, support and money for the Gulf Region in response to the oil spill of April 2010.

I guess Starbuck and I have something in common!

Since David and I had recently decided to use our own bike trip across the country to raise money to rebuild a clean water well through Living Water International, I knew I had to meet Katee.

Meeting Katee

After a few attempts to find out from the crew the best way to go about meeting Katee - all the while becoming quite good friends with both security guards - I was given a time, a name, and a trailer to report to where I would be introduced to Katee before she headed to the set. Apparently, this approach was only worth a shot because I was employed at the site they were renting, and therefore not trespassing. Otherwise, you're something like a stalker and they ask you kindly to leave, lol.

Katee was way cooler in person than any of her characters. She told me about her trip with Tricia and raising $35,000 for the Gulf Region. I told her about my and David's trip and showed her our route. We talked about sit bones and spin class and tan lines and her quest to find the best crab cakes. She seemed really impressed with our cross country bike trip and our fundraiser and she signed our blog logo to help us raise money for our cause. Katee even agreed to retweet our blog to all her fans so they can support us (which might be why you're here, in which case welcome!).

And so, there you go... follow our blog and/or donate to our well project.



Because Starbuck says so!

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