Friday, July 13, 2012

Firecracker 5k

Off with a Bang!

Cross-training this Fourth of July included a 5k in Los Alamos, the morning before we left for our three-day trip in Colorado. I had run in a while but neither had Latah, so I knew her adrenaline would be running high. She's done enough races to know that when the gun goes off, she gets to run - and this time was no exception. As an added bonus (and possibly inspired by the fact that even though she wears an anti-bark collar at home, her dad runs outside to take it off every time a siren goes off because he likes to hear her "beautiful singing voice" as she howls along with it), Latah let out a few battle howls as we took off from the starting line. It made for a rather exciting effect as many of our fellow racers reciprocated her enthusiasm with war cries of their own.

I believe this picture was snapped in between her yowling, at the beginning of the race. However, if you notice that I'm pulling her leash back with my right arm, this shot could have happened anywhere over the next 3.1 miles. I will not deny the fact that she pulled me 80% of the way, to a speedy 3rd place time of 20:36 - only 14 seconds behind the female winner. Since it's the fastest time I've had since college, I can live with that! Of course, Latah was top dog for the third year in a row.
Anyway, I apologize that this post isn't very bike-trip related. It is cross training, though, a very important part of keeping my body in balance for this trip. Besides, I never miss an opportunity to brag on my dog!

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