Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seriously Gifted

My work family gave me this gift basket for our trip. Nothing says "We love you and good luck" like beef jerky, energy bars, and hand sanitizer! The card was also really cute:


That's Spanish for:

Sure, go ahead and leave your friends, the only people who really care about you!

Even though we haven't yet left for our trip, it's been really awesome to see how our friends and family are already gathering around us, to encourage and support us in so many ways.

And for anyone wanting to send us a package along the way, just call/text David or I and we'll let you know a good address. Apparently, it's not too hard to have packages delivered to Post Offices along the way as long as we're able to swing by to pick up our things within a week or two.

And a note about the ads...

Also, we're experimenting with ads as a way to earn some extra money for our cause. Hopefully, they're not too annoying and they might actually add an extra dollar or two towards our well in Nicaragua!

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  1. Omg, ads are soooo annoying...oh wait, that's the exact bike I want!!!