Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Tandem Conundrum

To tandem or not to tandem?

Shortly after the Century, David mentioned to me that we might want to consider NOT using a tandem bike for our trip... to which I responded, "But what about our blog title?!"

We've spent the weeks since slowly going over the pros and cons of using separate bikes or the tandem. Mostly for my own benefit, I have written out the pros and cons we're considering.

For the Tandem

  1. Chatting with my husband is easier
  2. Aerodynamics isn't an issue for the person in the back, so I don't have to be hunched all the time
  3. We already have a tandem, and although it needs work, fixing it up would be cheaper than having to buy me a road bike
  4. Our blog title is so catchy!
  5. I enjoy being a passenger on the tandem. Although I do most of the work (don't tell David I said that!), I like to be able to stare at the moving ground below us as we pound out a few tough miles, or enjoy the scenery as we go by.
  6. I don't currently have a road bike that we can test riding separately with, so the simplest thing would be to just stick to the original plan
  7.  We go crazy fast downhill

For Separate Bikes

  1. We're still a little unsteady on the tandem at times and I would feel safer on separate bikes
  2. Separate bikes would be quicker in tricky places, like at lights or crossing streets - especially after adding the weight of our panniers and trailer
  3. David is no longer content with our tandem and would like to look into getting something nicer, and since we have long-term plans to get me my own bike, we might as well skip getting a second tandem in favor of something we would buy anyway
  4. I would be able to see where I was going, and not need to strain to look over David's shoulders
  5. On those hot summer days, David might get a little smelly...
  6. We'd be faster up hills

My homework assignment from David is to read a book on tandeming that our friend Joe gave us. David says it has good information and will be a good place to start our decision-making process. Look forward to another post soon on all this soon. With only 7 weeks until our trip, we really need to make a decision soon!

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