Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Santandem

So this is it... the bike we'll be spending 250+ hours on for two months straight!

Once we decided on sticking with tandem riding, David immediately got on Craigslist and began shopping for a suitable upgrade to our starter bike. Of course, there wasn't much to choose from in the Los Alamos area, but neither were there many options in Santa Fe or even Albuquerque. After that, Craigslist searches make a big jump to the greater Denver area, where David almost immediately fell in love with the bike we are now affectionately referring to as "The Santandem."

It's a green Santana tandem that weighs a good 5-10 pounds less than our current bike and won't need near as many upgrades to make it road ready. The drop-down handlebars will be nice, as will the drum brakes and the fact that it's a better fit size-wise. It has more spokes and they're tied and soldered -which, according to David is a good thing... heavier-duty construction or something like that.

Our amazing friend Travis who lives in Denver actually went to check out the bike for us and even paid the guy in cash when we decided we wanted it. We're hanging out with him at his parent's cabin this weekend, so we'll be test riding our new bike soon! And I guess we owe Travis some money too, lol.

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