Monday, June 25, 2012

Sleeping in the Woods

David and I have opted to spend about 5 nights a week camping (leaving 2 nights for comfy beds, warm showers, and possibly sleeping in). This means we need to be able to haul everything we need to live outdoors behind us in our little yellow bike trailer. As far as camping goes, this means ultra-light everything, including chairs, cookware, and bedding. Some of our favorites are our folding chairs (featured to the right) and our adorable cooking set, which has mugs that fit into bowls that fit into a pot that fits into a sink (thanks dad!). Most everything has been accumulated through the years or gifted to us by loving friends and family via an REI registry we set up last year.

So to test out the whole system, we loaded up the trailer last Friday and biked to Bandelier National Monument to camp for the night. Since it's only 15 miles away, Dez drove down to take some pics of our camping set up. And of course, we won't be forgetting David's hammock! Apparently, you can hang it almost anywhere...

Oh, and don't forget to check out Dez's original blog post here.

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